"You could ask me what my favorite time of the day is and my answer will always remain the same, in bed with her along my side. We don’t have to be having sex, cuddling, or even touching but having her there on the other side of my bed…that is my favorite time of the day. She could be reading a book, or playing some silly game on her iPhone. She could be fast asleep with her back against me as I write about this very moment in my blog. She could be staring at me or the ceiling or the TV, or humming her favorite song; it wouldn’t matter what she’s doing because she’ll still be here in this bed, along my side. I love how quickly she falls into a deep sleep and how her right foot twitches from time to time. It’s this moment that I cherish the most because I know that at any given moment she can decide that this bed is no longer one she wants to keep and at any moment she could find someone else to hold her in the dark of sleep. This is the moment I cherish the most because it’s happening right now, and right now is all we have. I could turn to her side of the bed one night and she’ll no longer be there and God will hurt but at least I have this moment, this moment right now. There’s a chance this moment might one day turn to my haunting nightmares but at least I have this moment right now. Time stops because she is all that I need, she is all that I see. I love when her legs are wrapped around my body, or how her hands slowly make their way to mine. I love her random kisses and how she’ll randomly place them on my arms, hands, rib cage, and stomach. I love the wrestling matches and the tickle fights, there’s something about her laughter and how it makes the creaks of this bed turn silent. It’s this very moment that will always be my answer. You could ask me today, tomorrow, or in ten years, and my favorite time of the day will always be her, her in my bed, along my side."
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this is fucking gold

31 Days of Halloween pin-ups 14/31 "A Fair Catch" by Gil Elvgren, 1957